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Japanese Patent JP2009500906
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An apparatus for resource sharing between a plurality of communication networks (103, 107, 111) each having a nominal resource allocation of a shared air interface resource and a resource exchange allowance is provided. The apparatus (201) comprises a sharing instigation processor (205) which initiates a temporary resource allocation of a first air interface resource from a nominal resource allocation of a first network (103). A network interface (201) receives offer messages from a plurality of networks (107, 111). Each offer message comprises a resource exchange offer value for at least part of the first air interface resource. A selection processor (207) selects a second network (107) for example by selecting the highest offer value for a given resource. An allocation message generator (211) transmits a resource allocation message to the second network (107) indicating a temporary allocation of at least part of the first air interface resource. The resource exchange allowance of the second network (107) is then reduced by a value corresponding to the resource exchange offer value from the second network (107).

デュナ、ジャン クリストフ
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Publication Date:
January 08, 2009
Filing Date:
June 06, 2006
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H04W16/14; H04W72/04; H04W92/02; H04W92/20
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桑垣 衛