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Japanese Patent JP2009502113
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The invention features a method for inhibiting growth of a cancer cell by contacting the cell with a composition of a siRNA that inhibits expression of A2254 or A5623. Methods of treating cancer are also within the invention. The invention also features products, including nucleic acid sequences and vectors as well as to compositions comprising them, useful in the provided methods. The invention also provides a method for inhibiting growth of a tumor cell, for example a breast cancer cell, as well as a method for identifying compounds that reduce or prevent the binding between A5623 and A2254. Moreover, the present invention relates to methods of treatment or prevention of cancer, particularly breast cancer, comprising administering a compound that inhibits binding between A2254 and A5623 as well as to compositions comprising such binding inhibitors.

中村 祐輔
片桐 豊雅
中鶴 修一
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Publication Date:
January 29, 2009
Filing Date:
July 21, 2006
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International Classes:
C12N15/09; A61K31/7105; A61K31/713; A61K48/00; A61P35/00; C12N15/113; G01N33/15; G01N33/50; G01N33/53
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清水 初志
刑部 俊
新見 浩一
小林 智彦
渡邉 伸一
井上 隆一

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