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Japanese Patent JP2009518936
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Provided is a communication apparatus having a human body contact sensing function and a method thereof. The communication apparatus includes: an electrode that comes in contact with the human body; a contact sensor that is connected to the electrode, and instructs the central processing unit to perform an initial operation if contact with the human body is sensed; and a data processing unit that receives a control signal from the central processing unit so as to select whether to transmit or receive data, and performs a transmitting or receiving operation according to the control signal. Accordingly, in order to reduce power consumption when in a stand-by state before human body contact is made in a communication apparatus using a human body as a communication medium, a human body contact sensor is included so as to minimize power consumption of a micro processing unit and a transmitter/receiver circuit until contact occurs. Therefore, since power consumption is minimized when in a stand-by mode by using a contact sensor having significantly low power consumption, there is an advantage in that a stand-by time of a portable device is extended.

Hyun Chang-Hee
Sun Jin-Bon
Kang Sung-Won
Fan John-Fan
Pak Dok-Gun
Kim Jin-Kyun
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Publication Date:
May 07, 2009
Filing Date:
December 06, 2006
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Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
International Classes:
H04B13/00; H04B5/02
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Yoshikazu Tani
Kazuo Abe