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Japanese Patent JP2009519697
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The present invention relates to a method and circuit configuration (100) for preventing any needless battery recharge at each short battery voltage dip. Such a circuit configuration (100) comprises a detector means (200) for detecting a voltage variation (ΔV) of a variable value (Vbat) across a battery (BAT) dropping below a threshold value (Vref), followed by a time determination means (300) for measuring an elapsed time (te), as soon as the variable value (Vbat) decreases below the threshold value (Vref), and evaluating a duration (δ) of the voltage variation (ΔV) relative to a reference time (W). The threshold value (Vref) is defined as the value from which a battery charge cycle, initiated by a battery charge controller (400), is deemed to be necessary. No battery charge cycle will be restarted when the elapsed time (te) is less than the reference time (W), i.e., when the battery (BAT) is submitted to short voltage dips. On the contrary, a resume flag (RF) indicating that the elapsed time (te) has lasted longer than the reference time (W) will be set and sent to the battery charge controller (400) in order to initiate a new battery charge cycle. The time determination means (300) may be disabled as soon as the resume flag (RF) is reset, i.e., as soon as the variable value (Vbat) exceeds the threshold value (Vref), or alternatively, as soon as the resume flag (RF) is set, while saving power dissipation. The invention can be applied to any portable and mobile device using a removable and rechargeable battery (BAT) and implemented in any power and battery management integrated circuit (IC).

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May 14, 2009
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December 07, 2006
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H02J7/10; H02J7/04
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吉武 賢次
橘谷 英俊
関根 毅
高橋 佳大