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Japanese Patent JP2009520886
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In order to make it possible to weave in a conductive thread, in particular an antenna thread, in a very wide variety of ways in a ribbon needle loom for manufacturing a strip, in particular a label strip, having a shedding apparatus for forming a shed (24) from warp threads (8), a weft insertion needle (26) for inserting weft thread loops, a reed (30) and having a feed apparatus (34) for a thread which has a blade (34) which dips into the shed (24) between warp threads (8) as far as under the insertion path of the weft insertion needle (26), it is proposed that the blade is arranged on a shaft (38) which is oriented transversely with respect to the warp direction. The shaft is connected to a first drive apparatus (40a) for performing a pivoting movement of the shaft. As a result of the pivoting, the blade (34) dips into and out of the shed (24). Furthermore, the shaft is connected to a second drive apparatus (44a) for movement in the axial direction. As a result, the blade (34) can be moved over the width of the strip (2).

Speich, francisco
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May 28, 2009
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December 23, 2005
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Textilma Akchen Gezelshaft
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D03D47/06; D03D1/00; D03D15/00; D03D35/00
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Shoichi Okuyama
Arihara Koichi
Matsushima Tetsuo
Hidefumi Kawamura
Naomi Yoshida
Ayako Nakamura
Masayuki Okamoto
Fukagawa Eri
Satoshi Morimoto