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Japanese Patent JP2013513588
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Disclosed are compounds and methods for treating neurological and other disorders by administering to a subject in need thereof an effective amount of a compound having binding and/or modulation specificity for GFRα receptor molecules, which can be mimetics of glial-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF) family ligands (GFLs), GFRα/RET signaling pathway agonists, and/or direct RET agonists (activators).

Salma, Malt
Carrelson, Matty
Vesparov, Maxim
Pilves, Méchs
Application Number:
Publication Date:
April 22, 2013
Filing Date:
December 13, 2010
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GeneCode AS
International Classes:
C07D215/46; A61K31/415; A61K31/423; A61K31/429; A61K31/433; A61K31/4706; A61K31/473; A61K31/495; A61K31/496; A61P3/00; A61P3/04; A61P9/10; A61P25/00; A61P25/02; A61P25/04; A61P25/08; A61P25/14; A61P25/16; A61P25/24; A61P25/28; A61P27/16; A61P35/00; C07D211/96; C07D217/08; C07D219/12; C07D221/16; C07D231/40; C07D263/56; C07D295/18; C07D295/22; C07D417/04; C07D513/10; A61M5/178
Foreign References:
Other References:
JPN6014052254; I.M.A. Awad et al.: Studies in Organic Chemistry 35 Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds , 1988, p.201-205
JPN6014052255; B. J. Sweetman et al.: Journal of Medicinal Chemistry Vol.12, 1969, p.888-891
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Junzo Watanabe