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Japanese Patent JP2014500938
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The invention relates to a method and device (40) for filtering supply network failures (84) out of an electrode signal (82) in a metallurgical electric remelting process, in particular for the electrode gap closed-loop control of a system for closed-loop control of an electrode gap (48) of a melting furnace (10). For this purpose, said device also comprises at least one electrode sensor device (44) for measuring an electrode signal (82), in particular electrode current and/or electrode voltage of the electrode (30), a network sensor device (46) for measuring a network signal, in particular network current and/or network voltage, and a filter device (50) for filtering network failures (84) of the network signal out of the electrode signal (82), such that an electrode signal (80) with no network failures can be emitted.

Holz, holz
Hoffman, Frank-Berner
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Publication Date:
January 16, 2014
Filing Date:
October 06, 2011
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ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH
International Classes:
F27D11/10; H02J3/01
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Fukami patent office