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Japanese Patent JP2517660
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A lens antenna having four phased array apertures positioned for hemispherical coverage is disclosed. An array of phase shifters is disclosed, each of which is interconnected with four radiating elements, one on each of the four apertures. A feed horn is used to feed the lens and switches in the lens are used to switch the energy received from the feed horn to the phase shifter, and after phase shifting, to a selected aperture for radiation. The switches also perform a reciprocal function by switching energy received at an aperture to the phase shifter and then to an aperture for radiation to the feed horn. In a further embodiment, the mounting of transmitting and receiving components, such as a high power amplifier and a low noise amplifier, with a combination of DPDT switches in the lens is disclosed and results in a solid state T/R type antenna array. In one embodiment, the switches enable the lens to radiate from three of the apertures for a scan angle of 270 degrees from a single feed horn. The addition of more feed horns per face results in multiple radiated beams from a single face.

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July 24, 1996
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February 08, 1988
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H01Q3/24; H01Q3/46; H01Q25/00; (IPC1-7): H01Q3/24; H01Q3/46
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Takehiko Suzue (2 outside)

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