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Japanese Patent JP2596480
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PURPOSE:To attain miniaturization and economy of the ISDN terminal equipment. CONSTITUTION:The ISDN terminal equipment incorporates a conventional DSU (line terminator) in its inside and extract a power supplied through an ISDN line 2 via a line I/F section 11, the extracted power is converted into a prescribed voltage V by a DC / DC converter 12 and the converted power is fed to each section in an ISDN terminal equipment section 10, then the power supply conversion efficiency is improved. Furthermore, since the transmission of a signal between a DSU section 13 having the line termination function and an I interface section 14 implementing protocol processing is implemented not in a form of an AMI signal but in a form of a binary signal, both the sections are connected directly. As a result, components such as a transformer, a receiver and a driver or the like having been connected between the DSU section 13 and the I interface section 14 in a conventional terminal equipment are not required and the terminal equipment is formed with a small size at a low cost.

増田 英一
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April 02, 1997
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May 22, 1991
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H04L29/12; H04L12/02; H04M11/00; H04M19/00; (IPC1-7): H04L12/02; H04L29/12; H04M11/00; H04M19/00
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山川 政樹