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Japanese Patent JP2602920
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For controlling the internal volume of a rotary compressor (5), adjustable valve bodies (3) are used on the outlet side. External control means, often of an extremely complicated nature, have previously been used to control the internal volume in the rotary compressor. By allowing the different pressure levels of the rotary compressor (5) to directly influence a control section (1), the position of the valve body (3) can be controlled by an operating section (2). In the control section (1) an intermediate pressure (9) from the compressor is balanced against a pressure from the high-pressure side (19) of the compressor by a plunger (6) having different diameters. The position of the plunger (6) then determines the control of the internal volume by the position of the valve body (3) connected to the operating section (2).

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ルネ バルデマー グランバル
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April 23, 1997
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October 26, 1988
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スタル レフリジェレーション アクチーボラグ
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F04C28/26; F04B49/02; F04C18/16; F04C28/12; F16K31/12; G05D16/00; (IPC1-7): F04C29/10; F04C18/16
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浅村 皓 (外3名)

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