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Japanese Patent JP2610650
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A nut plate (4) is provided with holes (4c) and inserted into a space between a reference plate member (2) and a support plate (10). A nut plate bracing member (11) is provided with a pin (11a) and located below the support plate (10), and when the support plate is retracted, the nut plate falls so that the hole of the nut plate is engaged with the pin of the nut plate bracing member. The nut plate bracing member with the nut plate mounted is transferred to the portion directly below the plate to which the nut plate is fixed. The nut plate bracing member is raised to position the nut plate to a fixing portion of the plate. The nut plate holding pin is then raised into the nut hole of the nut plate. The rivet (18) is then driven into the hole of the nut plate and the rivet is clamped by means of the punch (19).

Takashi Suzuki
Kimura Yukio
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Publication Date:
May 14, 1997
Filing Date:
May 26, 1988
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Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.
International Classes:
B21J15/30; B21J15/00; B21J15/02; B21J15/14; B21J15/16; B21J15/28; B23P19/00; B23P19/04; F16B37/04; F16B37/06; (IPC1-7): B21J15/30
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Kazuo Sato (3 others)