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Japanese Patent JP2710966
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A latch assembly for a lock adaptable for use with inswinging, outswinging, right hand and left hand mounted doors includes a latchcase assembly having a vertically extending slot. A bolt is mounted for sliding movement within the latchcase. A first rotatable cam having a hub is mounted within the vertical slot of said latchcase assembly for sliding the bolt between bolt engaged and disengaged positions. The height of the latchcase slot is larger then the diameter of the hub portion of the cam to accommodate limited vertical movement of the cam within the slot. The vertical position of the cam is shifted within the vertical slot to maintain the horizontal center line of the cam in a predetermined spaced vertical position relative to the horizontal center line of the bolt.

スタンリー ピッチャー
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Publication Date:
February 10, 1998
Filing Date:
October 19, 1988
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エムハート インコーポレイテッド
International Classes:
E05B55/00; E05B63/04; E05B55/12; (IPC1-7): E05B63/04; E05B55/00
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中村 稔 (外6名)