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Japanese Patent JP2740830
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There is disclosed a hinge assembly that has a pintle and two plates that can rotate about the axis of the pintle. The first plate is irrotatably affixed to the pintle. The second plate is part of a friction element which also includes a band having a plurality of turns helically disposed about the pintle. Between the other end of the band and the second plate there is a spring that tightens the band about the pintle. The band is flexible enough so that it does not grip the pintle without the force of the spring. Frictional force is developed between the band and the pintle that opposes movement of the second plate in a direction that tends to tighten the band about the pintle. Movement of the second plate in the opposite direction tends to loosen the band's grip on the pintle so that very little frictional force is developed.

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April 15, 1998
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November 04, 1991
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Torque Master Incorporated
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E05D11/08; E05D11/10; (IPC1-7): E05D11/08
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Soga Doteru (6 people outside)

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