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Japanese Patent JP2892638
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a device and method for full closed die forging of a lead terminal of a lead battery tank which are free from generation of burs and excellent in dimensional accuracy. SOLUTION: A forging device comprises a cutting control means which cuts a long lead material and is provided with the prescribed weight measuring device, and a header 13 to which the weight-controlled blank is fed and forged, and a component die of the header comprises a fixed die 14 to be adaptable to a top part of a lead terminal for a lead battery tank on one side, a split die 15 which is of the shape adaptable to a lower part of the terminal, slidable, and movable in the centrifugal and centripetal direction relative to the axis with a support part as a boundary, and a closing mechanism 16 which is detachable to tighten the split die between the fixed die and itself, a blank is fed to the split die, the split die is pressed against and fixed to the fixed die by the closing mechanism, a punch adaptable to an electrode post shape is pressed against and advanced to a fixed piece side from the split die side on the axis, and control is made so as to obtain the extrusion according to the closed internal volume of the component die.

Shinji Fukada
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May 17, 1999
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November 25, 1997
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Hiroshima Industry Co., Ltd.
Toko Machinery Co., Ltd.
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B21J5/02; B21J13/02; B21J13/08; B21K27/00; B21K27/06; H01M2/30; (IPC1-7): B21J5/02; B21J13/02; B21J13/08; B21K27/00; B21K27/06; H01M2/30
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Kazuko Oshima