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Japanese Patent JP2892639
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain coal having many applications in addition to fuel under non-polluting from, solids, waste timber pieces, waste tires, etc., from org. waste, such as plastics of municipal waste. SOLUTION: This non-polluting treatment plant for municipal waste comprises a crushing device 10 which crushes the org. waste contg. plastics, a sorting device 20 which sorts valuable materials from the crushed materials W1, a solidifying device 80 which is supplied with the plastics and other crushed scrap after the removal of the valuable materials at such a ratio as to attain 70 to 30 wt.% the former and the balance the latter, compresses these materials under agitating and mixing while feeding the materials by spiral bodies, heats the materials to 120 to 300 deg.C and forms solids by kneading the materials to a flowable state and extrusion molding the solids through a perforated plate from the intermediate product and a carbonizing device 100 which ignites the upper part of the solids in a vessel and steam broils the solids in an oxygen deficient state across the lower part. The waste gases from a carbonization furnace 120 is completely combusted at >=800 deg.C in a combustion furnace 140, by which the dioxin content in 1 m<3> exhaust gases is decreased to <0.1 nanogram.

Yoshikazu Kobayashi
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May 17, 1999
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February 27, 1998
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Oike Iron Works Co., Ltd.
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C10L9/08; B09B3/00; (IPC1-7): B09B3/00; B09B3/00; C10L9/08
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