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Japanese Patent JP2937469
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PURPOSE:To produce no pin hole at all by a method wherein fin-like projections are produced on a mouth part and the mouth part and a lay-flat tube are turned into a bag by means of heat sealing molds. CONSTITUTION:A tubular mouth part 3, which is installed onto a jig 11, is installed between secondarily deforming molds 12 and 12 so as to produce fin- like projections 15 by clamping the mouth part 3 with the secondarily deforming molds 12 and 12. Under the condition that the mouth part 3 is fed in a lay-flat tube 13, the lay-flat tube 13 is arranged between heat sealing molds 14 and 14. Between the heat sealing molds 14 and 14, pinching grooves 18 for the mouth part 3 and the lay-flat tube are formed. A bag is formed by clamping the mouth part 3 and the lay-flat tube 13 with the heat sealing molds 14. The molten resin of a bag-like main body 2 are welded together so as to surround the fin-like projections 15. Since the fin-like projections 15 locate at the spaces, at which pin holes tend to develop, no pin hole is produced at all.

Seiichi Ono
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August 23, 1999
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November 27, 1990
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Kawasumi Chemical Co., Ltd.
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A61J1/10; B29C65/00; B29C65/02; B29D22/00; B29L22/00; (IPC1-7): B29C65/02; A61J1/10
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