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Japanese Patent JP2995270
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PCT No. PCT/SE90/00099 Sec. 371 Date Sep. 30, 1991 Sec. 102(e) Date Sep. 30, 1991 PCT Filed Feb. 15, 1990 PCT Pub. No. WO90/09475 PCT Pub. Date Aug. 23, 1990.A yarn supply system having a plurality of feeders associated with a textile machine. Each feeder having its own speed control system including a variable speed drive motor and a variable speed controller which includes a programmable control unit which is capable of responding to the actual yarn consumption requirements and responding to a main control apparatus message. The main control apparatus including a yarn feed rate anticipating unit that represents additional intelligence to the feeders. The yarn feed rate anticipating unit becomes informed about a weaving pattern stored in the main control apparatus memory and transfers a message via a message transfer network to individual feeder programmable control units to accelerate or decelerate in advance of an actual winding-on requirement.

Fred Rixon, Lars-Verno
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December 27, 1999
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February 15, 1990
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B65H51/20; B65H59/00; B65H63/00; B65H63/02; D03C13/00; D03D47/30; B65H61/00; D03D47/34; D03D47/36; D03D47/38; D03D49/00; D03D51/00; D04B15/38; D04B15/48; D04B15/78; D04B27/10; D04B27/26; D04B35/00; G05B15/02; G05B19/042; G05B19/07; G05B19/414; (IPC1-7): D03D47/38; B65H51/20; B65H63/00; D03D47/36; D03D51/00
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Nobuyuki Matsubara (2 others)