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Japanese Patent JP3007142
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PCT No. PCT/FR90/00485 Sec. 371 Date Feb. 28, 1992 Sec. 102(e) Date Feb. 28, 1992 PCT Filed Jun. 29, 1990 PCT Pub. No. WO91/00107 PCT Pub. Date Jan. 10, 1991.The present invention relates to an injectable emulsion, usable as a vaccine or active principle vehicle, which has an oily continuous phase with a good tolerance under normal conditions of injection into a human or an animal, said emulsion being characterized by a viscosity of less than 800 mPas at 20 DEG C. and consisting of at least 20 to 90% of an oily adjuvant which is liquid at 4 DEG C. and contains at least one or more appropriate and pharmaceutically acceptable emulsifiers and a mixture, in any proportions, of one or more metabolizable oils with one or more non-metabolizable oils, and 10 to 80% of a hydrophilic phase containing the active principles or antigens.

Blank, bernard
Gerard, Torv
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February 07, 2000
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June 29, 1990
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Societe Desplat Wat du Du Produy Pool Les Andustri Simic S U Pe Pe I Se
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A61K9/00; A61K39/00; A61K39/39; A61K47/00; A61K9/107; A61K47/44; (IPC1-7): A61K9/107; A61K39/00; A61K39/39; A61K47/44
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Aoyama Ryo (1 person outside)