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Japanese Patent JP3009654
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide the machine translation processor which can perform machine translation with high precision and performs accurate translation, specially, in a voice translation system. SOLUTION: A decision tree learning part 52 after generating a property table wherein attributes value for each attribute are classified and given classes by referring to a class showing the representation of a translation result and a prescribed attribute according to corpus data of a correct equivalent with a speaking intention tag generates a translation decision tree which has a tree structure in multi-branch form which is divided depending upon the attribute values of the attributes and determines the representation of the translation result in representative representation by learning by representative representations. A translating process selection part 51 uses translation decision trees according to an inputted character string of a translation source language and performs a translating process by referring to an answer representation and past speaking intention tag in an answer representation table, thereby outputting a word string in the representation of a translation destination language.

Hideki Tanaka
Application Number:
Publication Date:
February 14, 2000
Filing Date:
November 04, 1998
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ATR Voice Translation Research Institute
International Classes:
G10L15/183; G06F17/27; G06F17/28; G10L15/18; G10L15/193; (IPC1-7): G06F17/28; G10L15/18
Other References:
鈴木雅実、外1名、“日英対話コーパスへの談話レベルの情報付与と翻訳への利用”、電子情報通信学会技術研究報告(NLC93 31−41)、平成5年、第93巻、第132号、p.57−64
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Aoyama Ryo (2 outside people)

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