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Japanese Patent JP3040820
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A selectively actuatable lighter device (10) is disclosed which includes a body defining reservoir (12) for containing a combustible gaseous medium such as butane, and having a valve (20) arranged to be selectively actuated between a normally closed position and an open position which permits the exit of the gaseous medium. Such lighter (10) can selectively produce sparks at a location (19, 22) proximate to the gaseous medium exit to ignite the gaseous medium. Such lighter device (10) embodies a resiliently releasable valve actuator (14) which normally prevents actuation of the valve (22). The valve actuator (14) includes an interfering portion (14A) which is selectively movable to a position (Fig. 11) out of interference with an interfering portion (12A) of the lighter body, so that the gaseous medium may be released and ignited by the sparks. Once the valve actuator (14) is depressed and released, it returns to its closed or latched position to prevent actuation of the valve to the open position. To "re-use" the lighter, the valve actuator (14) must again be moved to an unlatched position so that the valve (22) can be actuated for subsequent ignition of the gaseous medium.

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May 15, 2000
Filing Date:
October 22, 1993
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ビック コーポレイション
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F23Q2/28; F23Q2/16; (IPC1-7): F23Q2/16; F23Q2/28
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中村 稔 (外6名)