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Japanese Patent JP3054030
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An apparatus for opening and closing a vehicle door comprises an outer open handle assembly and a latch assembly. The handle assembly has an handle base which is brought into contact with an outer surface of an outer door panel and a handle lever which is rotatably mounted on the handle base. The latch assembly has a bracket which is brought into contact with an inner surface of the outer panel, a latch mechanism which is engaged with a striker and mounted on the bracket, and an opening mechanism which is operative to release the latch mechanism and mounted on the bracket. The handle base and the bracket are fixed to each other with screws or bolts across the outer door panel. The latch assembly is covered with a decorative case.

水木 哲郎
Application Number:
Publication Date:
June 19, 2000
Filing Date:
May 13, 1994
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International Classes:
B60J5/04; E05B85/16; E05B1/00; (IPC1-7): E05B1/00; B60J5/04
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新関 宏太郎 (外1名)