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Japanese Patent JP3066602
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An attachment of a gas charger for a gas container is adapted to be mounted to a valve device with a check valve and to be used for forcedly opening a spring-closed type check valve by means of a charging pressure of a fresh gas. The attachment is provided with a gas charging mouthpiece detachably secured to a valve box of the valve device, a piston supporting member movable together with the gas charging mouthpiece, and a valve-opening piston. The valve-opening piston is sealingly supported by the piston supporting member in such a condition as being freely movable in the diametrical direction and is detachably sealingly fitted into a received pressure removing cylinder room of a check valve member.

尾井 彗良
米澤 慶多朗
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Publication Date:
July 17, 2000
Filing Date:
September 27, 1990
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International Classes:
F17C5/06; F17C13/04; (IPC1-7): F17C13/04
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北谷 寿一

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