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Japanese Patent JP3067450
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PURPOSE:To mold a resin container with a uniform thickness and to enhance a bonding strength and an airtightness of a bonding part without reversing a mold. CONSTITUTION:A melt resin 10 extruded from an extruder 1 is separated into two melt resin sheets 11, 12. The separated melt resin sheets 11, 12 are respectively compression-molded into a predetermined shape by clamping a first mold 5 disposed between the melt resin sheets and second molds 6, 7 respectively disposed outside the melt resin sheets. Then, the first mold 5 is retracted outward of the second molds 6, 7 by opening the second molds 6, 7. After that, by clamping the second molds 6, 7 again, the peripheral edge parts of the molded melt resin sheets 11, 12 are welded to each other.

三島 康博
藤原 正己
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Publication Date:
July 17, 2000
Filing Date:
March 16, 1993
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International Classes:
B29C48/305; B29C69/00; B29D22/00; B29L22/00; (IPC1-7): B29D22/00; B29C69/00
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田渕 経雄