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Japanese Patent JP3075936
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PURPOSE: To track a target object with high accuracy by selecting the target object even when plural objects with the same color as that of the target object are in existence on a screen pattern. CONSTITUTION: A detection block integration circuit 54 calculates integrated color data of a specific detection block and integrated color data for 25-sets of detection blocks and the results are respectively stored in a representative color memory 58 and an integrated color memory 60. The integrated color data of the specific detection block and the integrated color data for 25-sets of detection blocks are compared by a correlation device 66, in which a same color detection block is obtained. A CPU 36 obtains a small block in response to the linking of the same color detection blocks and then obtains a small block with a largest area and its gravity center. A motion vector generating circuit 72 generates a motion vector based on the gravity center of the small block with the largest area. The object is traced based on the motion vector.

松村 秀樹
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Publication Date:
August 14, 2000
Filing Date:
October 31, 1994
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International Classes:
H04N5/232; G06T7/20; H04N7/18; (IPC1-7): H04N5/232; G06T7/20; H04N7/18
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山田 義人