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Japanese Patent JP3110739
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PURPOSE:To prevent a wrong unlocking by providing an operation detecting device to a cylinder lock device and, at the same time, and providing a camera device operated by the operation detecting device. CONSTITUTION:When a regular key is inserted, the insertion of the key is detected by a key detection switch 6, a timer in a camera operation circuit 5 is operated. After that, when the rotation of a key cylinder 7 is detected by a rotation detecting switch 8, an output is generated from the circuit 5 to operate a camera device 4 for a certain time, and a user is shot by the camera. After the insertion of a tool is detected by the key tection switch 6, and when the cylinder 7 is not rotated, the circuit 5 decides whether the timer calculates a specific time or not. Then, when the timer calculates a specific time, the circuit 5 decides it is a wrong unlocking to operate the camera device 4.

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吉田 伸欣
面川 泰宏
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November 20, 2000
Filing Date:
December 29, 1989
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E05B45/10; E05B49/00; G03B15/00; G08B15/00; H04N5/225; H04N7/18; (IPC1-7): E05B45/10; E05B49/00; G08B15/00; H04N5/225
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清水 敬一

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