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Japanese Patent JP3126244
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PURPOSE:To achieve that an SMD modular LC composite component is made thin and small-sized and to realize the high Q of a coil. CONSTITUTION:A coil part which is provided with a multilayer substrate composed by laminating a plurality of layers and in which coil patterns 2 constituting coils have been set on their partial layers and a capacitor part in which capacitor electrode patterns 3 constituting a capacitor have been set on other layers are installed. In addition, in a high-frequency LC composite component in which the coil part and the capacitor part have been arranged in faced positions in the lamination direction of the multilayer substrate, each thickness TL of a second layer 1-2 and a third layer 1-3 which constitute the coil part is set to be thinner than each thickness TO of other layers (a first layer 1-1 and the like). In addition, a spacer layer (a fifth layer 1-5) is set between the coil part and the capacitor part.

林 克彦
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Publication Date:
January 22, 2001
Filing Date:
December 18, 1992
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H01F27/00; H01F17/00; H01G4/40; H01P1/203; H03H7/01; (IPC1-7): H01G4/40; H01F17/00; H01F27/00; H01P1/203; H03H7/01
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今村 辰夫 (外1名)

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