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Japanese Patent JP3126245
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PURPOSE:To prevent scattering of crushed stone by spraying silicone resin emulsion which is dried to form a rubber elastic coat, thereby sticking track bed crushed stones to each other. CONSTITUTION:For example, silicone resin emulsion comprising hydroxy group containing organopolysiloxane, anionic surface active agent, hydrolytic group containing organosilane, curing catalyst, colloidal silica and water is manufactured. The silicone resin emulsion is sprayed on the track bed crushed stones by a spray gun or the like. The solid weight, viscosity and spray quantity in the emulsion are suitably selected. Subsequently, the sprayed emulsion is dried and solidified. Simultaneously, an elastic coat of silicone rubber is formed. Thus, the track bed crushed stones are stuck to each other by the elastic coat, so that it is possible to obtain track bed crushed stones which will not be scattered by the wind pressure of a train and drop of ice block.

中里 森三
吉田 眞
御船 直人
桑田 敏
矢口 直幸
福田 健
萩原 英樹
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Publication Date:
January 22, 2001
Filing Date:
December 01, 1992
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C09D183/04; E01B1/00; E01B19/00; E01B27/00; E01B37/00; (IPC1-7): E01B37/00; E01B1/00; E01B19/00; E01B27/00
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山本 亮一 (外1名)

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