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Japanese Patent JP3130946
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The invention includes a method of manufacturing a golf ball by placing a golf ball core into a preform mold cavity, injection molding a cover around the core, placing the resulting preform into a dimpled compression mold cavity and compression molding the cover to define a golf ball. The invention also includes injection molding a golf ball preform into an outer non-dimpled elongated spherical shape having an elongate axis, and compression molding a spherical golf ball from the preform in a substantially spherical dimpled compression mold cavity.

ベーム ハーバート シー
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Publication Date:
January 31, 2001
Filing Date:
May 28, 1996
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アクシュネット カンパニー
International Classes:
A63B45/00; B29C33/12; B29C33/42; B29C43/02; B29C45/26; B29C45/14; B29C45/76; B29C70/70; B29D22/04; B29D99/00; B29C43/00; B29C45/00; (IPC1-7): A63B45/00; B29D31/00
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中村 稔 (外6名)