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Japanese Patent JP3185152
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PURPOSE:To effectively and appropriately correct jiggle within a range where an optical member for correcting does not collide with other member and to prevent the blurring from being caused on a photograph taken not only when the absolute value of the jiggle caused in a camera is small but also even when large jiggle is caused transiently. CONSTITUTION:The jiggle caused in the camera in the case of taking the photograph by pushing a release switch 21 is detected by a jiggle sensor 6a. The jiggle detection data of the sensor 6a is sampled, inputted and stored in a storage means 11, then it is also inputted in an arithmetic means 10 so as to calculate jiggle correction data. Based on the current and preceeding jiggle detection data and the current jiggle correction data, the next jiggle correction data is predicted. After gain correction is performed so that a jiggle correction actuator 9 does not collide with the peripheral member, the jiggle correction data is inputted in a driving circuit 14 and the actuator 9 drives the optical member 5 for correction by driving circuit 14.

大野 好美
篠原 純一
芹川 義雄
西田 徹
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Publication Date:
July 09, 2001
Filing Date:
May 10, 1991
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International Classes:
G01P7/00; G02B27/64; G03B5/00; H04N5/232; (IPC1-7): G03B5/00; G02B27/64; H04N5/232
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真田 修治