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Japanese Patent JP3205350
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PURPOSE:To obtain the title polymer having specific physical properties, not damaging flavor and fragrance of contents packed into a container in the case of use of the polymer as a material for the container for filling up drink because of a small amount of acetaldehyde increased when it is molded. CONSTITUTION:The objective polymer which is a polyethylene terephthalate having 0.5 or more dl/g intrinsic viscosity and 1.37 or more g/cm<3> density and has W0-W1 of 0-60ppm when acetaldehyde (AA) content of molded article prepared by injection molding the polymer at 290 deg.C is W0ppm and AA content of molded article obtained by injection molding the polymer, which is immersed in hot water at 95 deg.C for 8 hours and dried, as mentioned above, is W1ppm. The polymer is obtained by esterifying a raw material in a slurry, subjecting the esterified substance to liquid-phase polycondensation in the presence of a germanium dioxide compound catalyst and a stabilizer, preliminarily crystallizing the reaction product, subjecting to solid-phase polycondensation and finally bringing the obtained granular polymer into contact with water, steam, etc.

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September 04, 2001
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March 28, 1991
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B29C45/00; B29C49/00; B29C49/06; B29C49/64; B29D7/00; B29D22/00; C08G63/181; C08G63/183; B29K67/00; B29L22/00; (IPC1-7): C08G63/183
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鈴木 俊一郎