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Japanese Patent JP3205936
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When an ultrasonic transducer for detecting flaws in metal plates or the wall of a metal cylinder is directed at a surface to be inspected at a particular angle, about ten percent of the signal will appear as Harris waves which propagate into the test plate at ninety degrees to the surface. This signal which propagates vertically is polarized, with the result that the signal has a greatly improved signal to noise ratio. For an incident medium of water and employing shear wave refracting in the medium of cast iron the specific angle is approximately 33 degrees from the vertical for best signal to noise ratio. For steel the specific angle is approximately 31 degrees and is about 50 degrees for brass. Shear or longitudinal waves can be employed to affect the detection of subsurface defects with the particular angle changing depending on the relation of the velocity of the sound waves in the refracting medium to the velocity of sound waves in the incident medium.

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September 04, 2001
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May 29, 1997
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D21F5/18; G01N29/04; G01N29/22; G10K11/26; (IPC1-7): G01N29/10
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石川 新 (外1名)