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Japanese Patent JP3206814
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A method and system for the injection molding of plastic articles in an injection molding system including a chamber in a mold of the system which stores a charge of pressurized gas immediately prior to use. The mold has an injection aperture and a mold cavity for receiving molten resin. A resin flow path fluidly communicates the injection aperture and the mold cavity within the mold. An orifice in the mold opens the chamber to the mold. A gas receiver initially stores the charge of pressurized gas and a fluid circuit selectively introduces the charge of pressurized fluid into the chamber. A valve mechanism in the chamber selectively fluidly communicates the chamber to the flow path under control of a controller. When communicated to the flow path, the charge of gas distributes the molten plastic within the mold cavity in one embodiment of the invention.

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Publication Date:
September 10, 2001
Filing Date:
January 22, 1992
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B29C45/00; B29C45/17; B29C45/26; B29C49/06; B29D22/00; (IPC1-7): B29C45/00; B29C45/26
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生田 哲郎 (外1名)