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Japanese Patent JP3242657
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A method and apparatus for drying of a cellulosic fibrous structure having constant basis weight and/or density or multiple regions varying in basis weight and/or density. Such a cellulosic fibrous structure may have a nonuniform moisture distribution prior to drying by the disclosed method and apparatus. An equally or more uniform moisture distribution is achieved by providing a micropore medium in the air flow path which has a greater flow resistance than the interstices between the fibers in the cellulosic fibrous structure web. The micropore medium is the limiting orifice in the air flow used in the drying process. The micropore medium may be executed in a laminate of plural laminae, each of successively increasing or decreasing pore size. This arrangement provides the advantage that minimal sagging or deformation of each lamina into the next coarser lamina occurs and lateral air flow between the micropore medium and the cellulosic fibrous structure is reduced. The micropore medium may be disposed either upstream or downstream in the air flow path of the cellulosic fibrous structure to be through-air dried.

エンサイン,ドナルド ユージン
トロカン,ポール デニス
ナイト,ウィルバー ラッセル
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Publication Date:
December 25, 2001
Filing Date:
June 10, 1993
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B32B7/00; D21F5/18; D21F7/08; D21F11/14; (IPC1-7): D21F5/18; D21F7/08
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佐藤 一雄 (外3名)