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Japanese Patent JP3260763
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PCT No. PCT/JP96/00896 Sec. 371 Date Dec. 6, 1996 Sec. 102(e) Date Dec. 6, 1996 PCT Filed Apr. 2, 1996 PCT Pub. No. WO96/31567 PCT Pub. Date Oct. 10, 1996A steering wheel for motor vehicles which is composed of a steering wheel base covered with a skin material of: (I) 10-50 parts by weight of a polyethylene resin (A); and (II) 90-50 parts by weight of a block copolymer (B) including a polymer block (a) of styrene or a derivative thereof and an isoprene polymer block or an isoprene-butadiene copolymer block (b), the polymer or copolymer block containing 40% or higher of isoprene units bonded at 3,4- position relative to the total isoprene units and 97% or more of the double bonds having been hydrogenated, (the total amount of the components (A) and (B) is 100 parts by weight). The skin material for the steering wheel is a soft, injection-moldable thermoplastic olefin elastomer composition having a low specific gravity and good wear resistance, which is capable of recycling and gives excellent feel of touch.

丹羽 実
今津 真一
伊藤 雄一
内山 晃
内田 貞夫
城岸 喜美男
小山 享
小泉 順二
山崎 喜夫
杉浦 嗣典
松浦 元司
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February 25, 2002
Filing Date:
April 02, 1996
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B62D1/04; C08F297/04; C08K5/541; C08L23/06; C08L23/26; C08L53/02; C08L23/08; (IPC1-7): C08L53/02; B62D1/04; C08K5/541; C08L23/06; C08L23/26
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
鈴木 俊一郎