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Japanese Patent JP3322537
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To make it possible to detect abnormality of a secondary cell without damaging the cell or a charge. SOLUTION: The method for charging a secondary cell B connected with a load 3 comprises the steps of preparatory pulse charging of the cell B by a charging current larger than the consumption current of the load 3, then judging whether the battery voltage of the cell B is higher than a predetermined voltage or not, and finishing the charging of the cell B when the battery voltage is judged to be lower than the predetermined voltage, or quickly charging the cell B when the battery voltage is judged to be higher than the predetermined voltage.

井上 浩一
山口 昌男
Application Number:
Publication Date:
September 09, 2002
Filing Date:
September 18, 1995
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International Classes:
G01R31/36; H01M10/44; H02J7/00; H02J7/10; (IPC1-7): H02J7/00; G01R31/36; H01M10/44; H02J7/10
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芝野 正雅