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Japanese Patent JP3342581
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PURPOSE:To provide an automatic diagnosing method for coating film deterioration and its device which can conduct automatic setting of calibration and a process range in evaluation of a deterioration part of painting surface based on image information taken into a computer. CONSTITUTION:The device, in which a painting surface 2 applied to a structure such as a steel bridge is taken into an image input device 3 and a deterioration part of the painting surface 2 is diagnosed based on the image, is provided with an object structure data base 9 wherein dimensions of characteristic parts of a structure to be inspected are stored; an image processing device 4 which takes in an image from the image input device 3 and detects characteristic parts in the image; and a calculating-diagnosing device 6 into which image data of the image processing device 4 as well as data of the object structure data base 9 are inputted and which conducts calibration based on both the data, determines a process range of the painting surface 2, and diagnoses deterioration of coating film.

Teruzo Sugano
Sadao Degawa
Yukihiro Kohno
Takaaki Akai
Hiroshi Fujiwara
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Publication Date:
November 11, 2002
Filing Date:
July 26, 1994
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Anticorrosion Engineering Co., Ltd.
Ishikawajima Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.
International Classes:
G01B11/30; E01D1/00; E01D22/00; G01N21/88; E01D2/00; E01D101/30; (IPC1-7): G01N21/88; G01B11/30
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Nobuo Kinutani

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