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Japanese Patent JP3361077
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To sharply reproduce an outline in an image, to smoothly reproduce a segment and to reduce the deterioration of high resolution effect even if the image pickup device of a multi-disk type is operated at a wide dynamic range mode. SOLUTION: Plural images from plural solid-state image pickup elements 13 and 14 are synthesized by a control CPU 28, pixel interpolation circuits 19 and 20, a pixel position adjusting circuit 25 and an addition average circuit 26. A first mode operating a solid-state image pickup device so that the synthesized image obtain high resolution information and a second mode operating the solid-state image pickup device so that a dynamic range characteristic wider than the photoelectric conversion dynamic range of the respective solid- state image pickup elements is obtained are adaptively switched in accordance with the level of an image pickup output signal obtained from the respective image pickup elements. A pixel that a pixel interpolation processing circuit uses is switched between the first and second modes.

Hiroaki Kotaki
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January 07, 2003
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August 30, 1999
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Toshiba Corporation
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H04N5/208; H04N5/225; H04N5/232; (IPC1-7): H04N5/225; H04N5/232
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Takehiko Suzue (6 outside)