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Japanese Patent JP3369932
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain the safety circuit of the press die cushion to prevent an inadvertent lifting of a pad. SOLUTION: The circuit comprises; an air operate type No.1 master valve 6 to be controlled by a pressure in a cushion cylinder 2, a single SOL type solenoid valve 19 to forcefully open the No.1 master valve 6 by a factory air when the die cushion is used, single SOL type solenoid valves 3, 14 to switch and control an air supplying valve 10 and an exhaust valve 12, pilot operate type No.2 master valves 15, 16 having an inverse direction position, a single SOL type solenoid valve 17 to control a locking valve 18 which controls a locking cylinder 3, and spring return type No.3 master valves 25, 26 which actuates the switch control SOL type solenoid valves 13, 14 open at the time of air feeding position 131 , 141 and close at exhaust positions 132 , 142 .

上寺 裕介
久保 和雄
吉田 誠暉
鈴木 正巳
高野 克博
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Publication Date:
January 20, 2003
Filing Date:
October 28, 1997
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International Classes:
B21D24/02; B30B15/02; B30B15/28; (IPC1-7): B21D24/02; B30B15/02; B30B15/28
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
浜本 忠 (外1名)

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