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Japanese Patent JP3371538
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PURPOSE:To enable the dense arrangement of circumferential yarns and axial yarns even in a small diameter region and to enable the production of a large- diameter columnar fiber structure without increasing the size of the production apparatus. CONSTITUTION:Holding members 5,24 are rotatably supported by supporting brackets 2, 21. A pin-erection part 8 is fixed to a rotary shaft 6 supported by a supporting bracket 3 and a pin-erection part 20 is fixed to a rotary shaft 18 supported by a mobile bracket 15. The holding members 5, 24 and the rotary shafts 6,18 are driven by a motor 26 via a common rotary shaft 25 and a belt- transmission device. The mobile bracket 15 is forced by an air cylinder 17 in a definite pressurized state in the direction to separate from the supporting bracket 3. A yarn-feeding head 39 is attached to an actuator 40 which is reciprocatively movable parallel to the rotary shaft 25 by an actuator 38. The motor 26 and the actuators 38,40 are synchronously driven by a controller C.

三田 泰哉
安居 義治
神谷 隆太
穴原 明司
都築 誠
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Publication Date:
January 27, 2003
Filing Date:
May 23, 1994
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D03D3/02; D03D25/00; D03D41/00; (IPC1-7): D03D3/02; D03D25/00; D03D41/00
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恩田 博宣