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Japanese Patent JP3390003
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PCT No. PCT/AU91/00495 Sec. 371 Date May 19, 1993 Sec. 102(e) Date May 19, 1993 PCT Filed Oct. 28, 1991 PCT Pub. No. WO92/10334 PCT Pub. Date Jun. 25, 1992.A machine for grinding the metering edge contours on edges of axially extending grooves of a power steering valve input-shaft by means of a cylindrical grinding wheel, the machine being constructed to hold and rotate the input-shaft and to increase and decrease cyclically the distance between the axis of the input-shaft and the grinding wheel several times during the revolution of the input-shaft to grind metering edge contours to produce symmetrical sets of clockwise and anticlockwise metering edge contours. The input-shaft is centrelessly supported by means of surfaces tangentially contacting the outside diameter of the input-shaft. Two such surfaces are axially displaced on either side of the ends of the grooves in the input-shaft and are arranged one on each side of the grinding wheel on that side of the input shaft adjacent the grinding wheel. Other of the support surfaces are arranged substantially at right angles to the first two support surfaces to constrain the input-shaft against motion in a direction parallel to the first two support surfaces. A pair of pressing members contacts the outside diameter of the input-shaft one each displayed axially on either side of the ends of the grooves and loaded so as to press the input-shaft in a direction generally towards the first two support surfaces.

ビショップ アーサー アーネスト
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March 24, 2003
Filing Date:
October 28, 1991
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エイ イー ビショップ アンド アソシエイツ プロプライエタリー リミテッド
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B24B5/36; B24B9/00; B24B19/02; (IPC1-7): B24B9/00; B24B5/36; B24B19/02
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杉村 暁秀 (外1名)