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Japanese Patent JP3411279
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It has been found that fibres can be spun in a simple manner from polyketone polymer solutions by making a thermoreversible gel from a solution of polyketone and a solvent for the polymer having a boiling temperature above 443 K, a melting temperature below 373 K, and a polymer dissolving temperature above 443 K. The thermoreversible gel forms as the solution is cooled. Because of the specific properties of the solvent in combination with the concentration of the polymer and its intrinsic viscosity, a permanently orientable thermoreversible gel is formed by cooling. The polymer crystallises on being cooled, optionally while still in the presence of the solvent. Preferably, so much polymer is dissolved as will give a product of the polymer concentration and [ eta ]<0,5> (wherein [ eta ] represents the intrinsic viscosity of the polymer) of higher than 0,35 (dl/g)<0,5>.

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Publication Date:
May 26, 2003
Filing Date:
January 07, 1994
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アクゾ ノーベル ナムローゼ フェンノートシャップ
International Classes:
C08L101/12; C08L101/00; D01F6/30; D01F6/76; (IPC1-7): D01F6/76
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松井 光夫