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Japanese Patent JP3571692
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A method of returning an electromechanical axial setting device, particularly suited for friction couplings. The axial setting device includes two setting rings centered on a common axis, one of which is axially held, with the other one being axially displaceably mounted, and one of which is rotationally fixedly held in a housing so as to be prevented from rotating, with the other one being rotatingly drivable. On their respective end faces facing one another, the two setting rings each include an identical multitude of circumferentially extending grooves. Each of the grooves, in a plan view of the end faces, define a depth which rises in the circumferential direction. Pairs of grooves in the setting rings each accommodate a ball. The rotatingly drivable setting ring is connected to an electric motor in respect of drive. The axially displaceable setting ring is loaded by pressure springs towards the axially held setting ring. When applying a positive voltage to the electric motor, the axial setting device moves into an advanced position and when the voltage is disconnected from the electric motor, the axial setting device is returned to a starting position.

Frank Nestler
Delake Wilson
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September 29, 2004
Filing Date:
December 25, 2001
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GK N Driveline International Gesellschaft Mitt Beschlenktel Haftung
International Classes:
H02K7/06; F16D11/08; F16D23/12; F16D27/00; F16D28/00; H02P3/08; H02P3/12; (IPC1-7): H02K7/06
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Shohei Oguri
Hironori Honda
Toshimitsu Ichikawa
Takeshi Takamatsu
Yuriko Hamada

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