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Japanese Patent JP3582013
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To eliminate the requirement of executing slit working for reducing the electromagnetic force requiring an expensive technique of high-level such as blanket structure, to eliminate the requirement of adopting the first separated type wall structure requiring the complicated leg structure, to eliminate the requirement of using a large HIP device by only replacing for a damaged portion when damaged partially, and to eliminate, in addition thereto, the requirement of working a cooling passage for letting cooling water flow in a rear wall part.

In this blanket module structure for a nuclear fusion reactor, a shielding blanket module is finely divided in a toroidal direction into a large number of shielding facets, attaching legs protrude in both upper and lower end parts of a rear face in each poloidal direction, the large number of shielding facets are juxtaposed with a fixed dimension of space in the toroidal direction to be fixed by welding to protruded parts provided in both front face upper and lower end parts of a rear wall by the attaching legs, and a cavity is formed with respect to the rear wall. Each of the shielding facets comprises the first wall of a U-shape and a boxlike shielding body, the first wall is engagedly attached to the shielding body, and is integrated by HIP joining.


Toshio Osaki
Shinichi Sato
Kiyoharu Mori
Kensuke Mouri
Hideo Ise
Toshikatsu Ishida
Yasunobu Nomoto
Masato Akiba
Mikio Enoe
Toshiko Kuroda
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October 27, 2004
Filing Date:
February 07, 2003
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Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute
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G21B1/13; G21B1/00; (IPC1-7): G21B1/00
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Yujiro Taka