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Japanese Patent JP3664720
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The invention relates a method for producing a multilayer circuit board ( 50 ) for a semiconductor device, comprising using a composite metal sheet ( 14 ) in which two metal sheets are combined, forming, on each side of the composite metal sheet, pads for connecting to a semiconductor element, the pads being made of a metal material which is substantially not etched by an etchant for the metal sheet, and an insulating layer having openings exposing the pads, forming, on the insulating layer, a wiring line layer ( 26 ) connected to the pads and having pads for connecting to another wiring line layer to be subsequently formed, subsequently fabricating a multilayer circuit board body ( 20 ) by necessary numbers of insulating layers and wiring line layers alternately formed, forming, on the outermost insulating layer of the multilayer circuit board body, an insulating layer provided with through-holes exposing pads for external connecting terminals, which are located on the outermost insulating layer, then dividing the composite metal sheet, to yield intermediates ( 34 ) each provided on one side of the metal sheet with the multilayer circuit board body, and etching the metal sheet at an area at which a semiconductor element is to be mounted to remove the material of the metal sheet at that area, to thereby form a frame ( 10 ) surrounding the area for the mounting of the semiconductor element.

Junichi Nakamura
Shunichiro Matsumoto
Shoji Kodaira
Daiya Araya
Takanori Tabuchi
Takeshi Chino
Kiyotaka Shimada
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June 29, 2005
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October 29, 2002
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Shinko Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
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H01L21/48; H01L23/12; H01L23/36; H01L23/433; H05K3/00; H05K3/40; H05K3/46; H01L23/31; H05K3/20; H05K3/34; (IPC1-7): H01L23/12
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Takashi Ishida
Masaya Nishiyama
Higuchi Souji