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Japanese Patent JP3677000
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A stand up bag of a heat-sealable or weldable plastic film for receiving liquid and/or paste-like material. The bag includes two side walls connected to each other along their longitudinal edges. A foldable bottom member is positioned between the side walls and serves as a self-standing bottom inserted at the lower end of the stand up bag between lower transverse edges. A foldable cover member is positioned at the upper end of the stand up bag between the side walls and includes a removal opening between the upper transverse edge of a first side wall and the corresponding cover member edge, with a closure element inserted into the removal opening. To be able to empty the stand up bag in a better and simpler way, the closure element is bendable and is retained by a mechanism for stabilizing and retaining the forwardly bent closure element.

Aschamer, Iaman
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Publication Date:
July 27, 2005
Filing Date:
October 20, 2000
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International Classes:
B65D33/16; B65D33/36; B65D33/38; B65D75/00; B65D75/58; B65D77/30; (IPC1-7): B65D75/58; B65D33/16; B65D33/36; B65D75/00; B65D77/30
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Yuichi Yamada
Yasuhito Suzuki