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Japanese Patent JP3725896
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A paper machine for the manufacture of a soft crepe paper grade, which in respect of bulk and softness is fully comparable to the one manufactured in a paper machine made for through-air drying by hot air, is in principle a conventional soft crepe paper machine, in which a conveying and imprinting fabric (25) is substituted for the pick-up felt. A pick-up device (23) operating with air flow picks up the web (15) from the forming fabric (9) and transfers it to the imprinting fabric (25) without any appreciable compaction of the web (15). The imprinting fabric (25) is maintained clean and dry by cleaning devices (41, 43, 45) and a device (47) for depleting the imprinting fabric (25) of water before it arrives at the pick-up device (23). Further, air current generating devices (35, 37, 39) are provided for removing water from the paper web (15) by passing air of ambient temperature through the web (15). These have a capacity that is sufficient for raising the dry solids content of the web to at least 25 % before the web arrives at the Yankee dryer (29). If desired, the paper machine may easily and in a short time be converted into a conventional soft crepe paper machine, essentially by substituting a pick-up felt for the imprinting fabric (25).

Ericsson Jean Anders
Linden Anders Tommy
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Publication Date:
December 14, 2005
Filing Date:
May 02, 2005
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Metso Paper Karlstad Activolag
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D21F1/32; D21F9/00; D21F11/00; D21H27/00; (IPC1-7): D21H27/00; D21F1/32; D21F9/00
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日本語版翻訳・監修 倉田泰造,「図解製紙百科」,中外産業調査会,1985年 8月 1日,p319-322
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Minoru Nakamura
Fumiaki Otsuka
Shishido Kaichi
Toshio Imajo
Nobuo Ogawa
Village shrine Atsuo