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Japanese Patent JP3753046
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To make an end plate of a magnetic material while preventing a short circuit of a flux generated from a terminal of a permanent magnet. SOLUTION: A rotor core 11 which is formed by laminating a number of thin plates composed of the magnetic materials or the like along the axial direction of a rotating shaft 9, and the end plates 13 at both sides of the rotor core, are mounted at the external periphery of the rotating shaft 9. Through- holes 11b, 13b for the insertion of the permanent magnets 17 are formed at the rotor core 11 and the end plates 13, respectively. End faces 17a in the axial directions of the permanent magnets 17 form almost the same planes with outside planes 13c of the end plates 13. Holding claws 13d that press down the end faces 17a in the axial directions of the permanent magnets 17 are integrally formed at the end plates 13.

Kimura Masahide
Nobuaki Akutsu
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Publication Date:
March 08, 2006
Filing Date:
October 26, 2001
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Nissan Motor Co., Ltd
International Classes:
H02K1/22; H02K1/27; H02K1/30; H02K21/14
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Hidekazu Miyoshi
Iwa Saki Kokuni
Akira Kurihara
Kawamata Sumio
Masakazu Ito
Shunichi Takahashi
Toshio Takamatsu