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Japanese Patent JP3998831
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To obtain a low cost member of solid form with high wear resistance by compacting a powder mixture containing metallic W, carbon and binder metal and having combustive synthetic reactivity to form a green compact, charging an electrical insulating die having an induction heating coil with the green compact, applying pressurization, and carrying out sintering simultaneously with formation of W carbide by combustive synthetic reaction. SOLUTION: An electric current is successively applied to an induction heating coil as well after the initiation of combustive synthetic reaction, and the amount of heat necessary for annealing is supplemented by induction heating. Cobalt is used as a binder metal. It is preferable that, in order to obtain a member with higher wear resistance, diamond particles are mixed as super hard material into a part or the whole of a powder mixture. Although the added diamond acts as a diluent in combustive synthetic reaction, combustive synthetic reaction can be continued even when the diamond particles are contained in high concentration. Each side face of a green compact 11 made of cemented carbide is provided with a graphite sheet 12, and the top and bottom faces are provided with graphite disks 13, 14, respectively. A reaction device 15 is constituted of a die 17, a push bedplate 18, and a pusher bar 19, and pressurization is performed while carrying out heating by a coil 21.

Mitsuyuki Oyanagi
Takayuki Hiwatari
Mitsue Koizumi
Kenji Goto
Hosomi Akatsuki
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Publication Date:
October 31, 2007
Filing Date:
September 10, 1998
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Ishizuka Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Mitsue Koizumi
Mitsuyuki Oyanagi
International Classes:
B22F3/14; C22C26/00; C22C1/05; C22C29/08
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