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Japanese Patent JP4050856
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Procedure for the preparation of dioxopenicillanic acid derivatives and its salts pharmaceutically acceptable with general formula I, where, R is hydrogen, alkyl group containing 1 to 5 Carbon atoms or a residue of type -CH2R ', where R ' is hydrogen, halogen or a p-toluensulfonyl group. These are prepared by treatment of the compounds of general formula II, where R is as previously defined and X may be hydrogen or bromine, with a metallic reagent constituted by a mixture or alloy of copper and/or cobalt and/or manganese with iron and/or nickel in an aqueous/organic medium. These compounds are useful as inhibitors of beta-lactamase.

Juan Pedro de la Fuente Morata
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Publication Date:
February 20, 2008
Filing Date:
March 02, 2000
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Alex-Giocell Katathasi, Fayresthesi Ace Tanner Chadaw Korla Tort Ferrere Segou Tarsagagg
International Classes:
C07D499/04; C07D277/60; C07D499/00; C07D499/86; A61P31/00
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Kazuo Shamoto
Shosuke Imai
Tadashi Masui
Tadahiko Kurita
Yasushi Kobayashi
Takashi Nakata