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Japanese Patent JP4053602
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A process for the preparation of a thiocyanate of Formula II Rf-Am-(CH2)n-SCN IIwherein Rf is a C2-C20 perfluoroalkyl radical, or a C5-C38 perfluoroalkyl radical having at least one ether oxygen atom; n is 1 to 3; m is 0 or 1; A is O, S, CO2, N(R1)R2, CON(R1)R2, SO2N(R1R2 or (OCH2CHR3)aO; wherein a is 3 to about 15; R1 is H or alkyl radical of 1 to about 4 carbon atoms; R2 is C1-C12 alkylene; and R3 is H or CH2Cl; said process comprising reacting a fluorinated iodide of Formula I Rf-Am-(CH2)n-IIwherein Rf, A, m and n are as defined above, with a thiocyanate salt M+(SCN)- wherein M is sodium or potassium, in the presence of a catalyst comprising a quaternary ammonium salt of formula (R4)3(R5)N+Y-wherein R4 is butyl; R5 is methyl or butyl; and Y is Cl, Br, I, or HSO4; to yield the fluorinated thiocyanate of Formula II as defined above is disclosed.

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February 27, 2008
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December 10, 1997
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B01J31/02; C07C331/04; C07B61/00; C07C331/10; C07C331/12; C07C331/14
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谷 義一
阿部 和夫